Phil Woola SMP Blog Why Run Shoe Stores Are Better Than Big Box Stores

Why Run Shoe Stores Are Better Than Big Box Stores

A schoenenwinkels leiden of running shoes can be the difference between a healthy and rewarding run or a painful shin splint. But where should you go to get those perfect shoes? Specialty running stores offer a number of advantages that you cannot find online or at big box stores. These include a personalized fitting, higher quality shoes, help from experienced runners and a sense of community.

Leading the Way in Footwear: The Shoeby Experience

A woman named Kristin Kutz found this out when she was fitted for her first pair of shoes at a local Fleet Feet store. She learned how to properly fit her feet, why different shoes are needed for trail runs or speedier workouts and that most running shoes last 300 to 400 miles. The shoes she was fitted for helped her become a more efficient runner and also prevented injuries that may have occurred in other shoes.

Kutz said that when she went back to the same store for a new pair of shoes they were able to check her old pair and see what kind of mileage she got out of them. Then they were able to match her with the perfect shoe. “That’s something you just can’t do when you buy shoes at a department store,” she says.

These are just a few of the reasons why Kutz says it’s important to support local running stores when shopping for gear and shoes. The best part is, specialty running stores aren’t more expensive than the big boxes or online sources.

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The Amish are very good at making baskets that look like heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations. They also know how to make them functional for everyday use.

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Pie & Picnic Baskets
We offer a standard size square double pie basket, a large square double pie basket, and a single round double pie basket. The square double pie basket has two swinging carrier handles, a solid oak lid with knob and an inside tray to separate the pies.

Melon Baskets

We also have a wide assortment of melon baskets to choose from. They are entirely woven and come in three sizes; small, medium and large, with all five accent colors.

Corner Baskets

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