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What to Expect From an Escort in Melbourne


When people call for an After finding an escort, many are listed on places like’s Melbourne section. they don’t all want the same thing. Some want sex, but others are interested in a broader experience. Some want to meet up for dinner, a movie or other non sexual activities. It’s important to be clear about what you are booking – not everyone is comfortable discussing sex, so it can be a challenge to make sure your worker understands what you want from the relationship.

It’s also important to be punctual – your worker can only provide the service you booked for if she is in work at the time. Running late will agitate her and may not leave enough time for you to have the best possible experience.

Escorts Work Differently In Every State

Once you’ve arrived, your worker will greet you and escort you to a booking room (or the booking room of a brothel depending on what you have booked). This is a chance for some small talk and for your worker to check in with you to see if there are any extras you want.

Be polite and respectful – it’s a business relationship and while you are paying for a service, your worker is still professional. Respecting their boundaries is essential – if they say’stop’ or’slow down’ or ‘please be gentle’ then please stop, otherwise your booking will end badly.

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