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Vancouver Eye Surgery Center

vancouver eye surgery

A Vancouver eye surgery center offers the latest technologies for correcting refractive errors and improving visual acuity. The doctors at Dr. King’s practice are recognized for their exceptional results and have helped more than 90,000 patients. They are among the leading providers of laser eye surgery in the region.

Help Keep Your Eyes Moist

After your eye surgery, you will be given artificial tears or eye drops to help keep your eyes moist. It is important to avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible. You should not drive for several hours after the procedure. You should also take it easy the day after the surgery. Leave your home lights on dim settings.

LASIK is a minimally invasive, two-step procedure that takes about 15 minutes per eye. In the first stage, the surgeon makes a flap on the cornea and folds it back, allowing the laser to reshape the cornea. This procedure is usually painless and results in clear vision within a few hours.

After a thorough examination of your eyes, Dr. King will use a WaveScan device to create a 3-D map of your cornea so that he can accurately program your laser. He then uses the VISX Star S4 excimer laser platform to perform the procedure. Once the laser is programmed, Dr. King will create a flap in your cornea using the IntraLase laser. This laser allows the surgeon to create a thinner, more uniform flap.

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