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Vampire Contacts

Vampire Contacts

Vampire Contacts you’re dressing up for Halloween or cosplay, nothing brings a costume to life like the right colored contacts. With our huge range of safe, EU-certified coloured lenses you can transform your eyes and add the finishing touch to any dark or mysterious look. From blood red to mute black, our vamp contacts are ideal for vampires, witches, devils and other horror characters or can be used to enhance sexy and gothic looks too.

Our mute black vampire contacts are popular amongst cosplayers, as they allow you to create an unnerving and menacing character look that will make your opponents feel like they’re being hunted by a beast. They also work great for portraying a more sinister Ursula costume and can be used alongside body paint, bold red lips and a dark wig to complete the look.

Daring Dramatics: Sclera Contacts for Intense Eye Effects

Red vampire lenses create a bloodsucking, inhuman look that is perfect for portraying terrifying and menacing vampire characters. These are also a great choice for theatrical or role-playing costumes, as they pair well with macabre victims, sugar skulls and other scary makeup & costumes.

Our white vampire contacts are the ultimate accessory to bring a creepy, deathly pale appearance to any look. The high quality aricona brand is the best option for creating a stunning Bella costume from the Twilight series, as well as any other dark or gothic characters or looks. These spooky contacts are available in prescription strengths from 0.00 (plano) to -6.00 in.25 steps, making them the most effective and affordable option for cosplay or for use in a wide variety of other full-face costumes.

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