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Kettlebell Exercises For Stomach

kettlebell exercises for stomach

If you want to work on your stomach, kettlebell exercises for stomach can be a great way to challenge yourself. Not only will these moves improve your core strength and balance, but they will also help you rid your muscles of excess fat.

Kettlebell Swing

Stand with feet between hip and shoulder-width, holding a light kettlebell in your hand. Keeping your chest pressed forward and your arms bent, push the kettlebell up into the air.

Rotate the torso to the right, while still focusing on your abs and your lower body stability (hips square). As you rotate the torso, pull your elbows out to the side as far as you can.

Kettlebell Exercises to Sculpt Your Abs and Strengthen Your Core

Lie on your back, holding a kettlebell with your hands at the sides of your knees and legs slightly bent. Using your core muscles, lift your body off the floor so that your left leg hovers above your knee, and your right leg folds behind your knee.

Press ups with a kettlebell

Step ups with a lighter kettlebell are a great way to tone your obliques and your upper arm. Start lying face-up on the floor with your legs outstretched and your feet between hip and shoulder-width.

Take a deep breath into your belly and hold the kettlebell up above your head. Brace your core and sit all the way up.

Squat Down with a Kettlebell

To do squat downs with a kettlebell, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent. Use your core to drive up through your hips, then lower yourself back down, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor and your heels firmly on the ground.

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