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How to Preserve Lettuce

When it comes to freshness, the main factors that influence how long lettuce can stay crisp are oxygen and excess moisture. By reducing both of these, you can prolong the life of your favorite leafy greens. To keep your lettuce fresh longer, don’t wash it until you are ready to use it and store it in a cool place (like the fridge crisper drawer) with a lid or airtight container. Also, store it away from ethylene fruits like pears and avocados which release a gas that causes other produce to spoil more quickly.

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The best way to preserve lettuce is vacuum sealing or freezing but these techniques may not be suitable for all types of lettuce. For instance, delicate varieties like butter lettuce may bruise or break when frozen, while heartier types like romaine can hold up well to this method.

Can you preserve lettuce? Another option is to store cut lettuce in a glass of water and keep it in the fridge. This helps control the level of oxygen inside the container and can help slow wilting, but the lettuce isn’t as crunchy as when stored in other ways.

Another easy way to preserve lettuce is to simply wrap the leaves in paper towels, wring out the moisture, and then store them in a plastic bag or airtight container with plenty of space for air flow. This method can extend the shelf-life of your lettuce to two weeks and works especially well for heartier types of salad greens.

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