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How to Build a Cold Frame Kit

cold frame kit

A cold frame kit is a small structure that holds soil and keeps it warm, helping your plants survive harsh weather. There are many ready-made models on the market, from high-tech aluminum ones with translucent polycarbonate side and top panels to simple precut wood and glass kits. However, it is far easier and cheaper to construct your own.

There are many plans and instructions on the internet for building your own cold frame. You should start by choosing a sunny spot in your garden, with a windbreak to protect it from the elements. Dig a hole the size of your cold frame and fill it with manure, which will generate heat as it decomposes, raising the temperature of the air and soil around it.

The simplest option is this plastic kit that will cost you under PS40 and comes with a transparent cover and zip doors for easy access. It’s large enough to accommodate seed trays and other planting containers. It would fit easily over existing raised beds and be light enough to move around the garden as needed.

DIY Cold Frame Kits: Unlocking the Potential of Cold-Weather Gardening

If you want a higher-quality product, look at this wood and glass model from Outsunny. It can be opened from both sides and the top, allowing for ventilation. Its angled tops also allow more sunlight to reach the plants. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to get a head start on growing or extend the season. Its tanalised wood offers improved weatherproofing and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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