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Finding a Rehab Near Me

A rehab near me is a specialized addiction treatment program designed to help people recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Most programs have two different components: detox and rehabilitation. The first phase, detox, usually lasts for several days or more and focuses on helping people manage withdrawal symptoms while they stop using drugs or alcohol. The second phase, rehabilitation, provides therapy sessions and education that can teach people how to manage their drug or alcohol use. These therapies can include group and individual counseling, family behavior therapy, art or music therapy, and holistic treatments such as yoga, equine, and animal therapy.

Finding Hope: Exploring Rehab Near Me Options

Some rehabs adhere to a 12-step program, while others offer alternatives such as the SMART Recovery program. The type of therapy you choose depends on your personal needs and may be determined by the type of substance or alcohol problem you’re experiencing. If you’re considering a specific program, ask about its recovery rate and other marks of quality such as accreditation. You should also find out if the facility accepts your insurance coverage, and if it offers scholarships or in-house financing options for those who don’t have health insurance.

For those who cannot afford private or luxury programs, there are state-funded rehabs that provide support for low-income individuals. To find out if there’s a state-funded program available in your area, visit the Behavioral Treatment Services Locator or contact your local Single State Agency for Substance Use Services.

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