Phil Woola SMP Blog Easy Farmers Recipes That Use Produce From Your Local Farmers Market

Easy Farmers Recipes That Use Produce From Your Local Farmers Market

The The Farmers Lamp who make the food we eat have to work hard. They need meals that provide the refueling, comfort, and sense of wellness they need to power through long days in the field. We’ve put together a collection of easy recipes that will make cooking with the produce at your local farmers market a breeze, from a refreshing four-ingredient tomato salad to a hearty breakfast casserole made with your favorite summer vegetables.

Seasonal Delights: Farmers’ Recipes for Every Time of Year

We start with some basic staples that are always on hand at the farmer’s market, such as eggs, milk, and butter. Then we add farmers market produce to create a complete meal that will impress your dinner guests.

This quick pickled vegetable recipe will make your CSA box or grocery haul feel even more well worth it. It only takes about an hour to prepare, and it’s a great way to preserve some of the veggies from your farmer’s market purchase for later use.

Cooking seasonally is good for the environment and it’s also good for your health. Seasonal food travels less and stays fresher for longer. That’s why it’s best to shop for locally grown and harvested foods when possible.

A mix of sweet and spicy toppings and flavors make this grilled cheese sandwich extra irresistible. We recommend using whole milk because it will give the sandwiches more body and flavor, but 2 percent will yield good results as well (although we don’t recommend using ultra-pasteurized milk because it prevents the cheese from curdling). Topping the grilled sandwiches with honey-drizzled peaches is a must.

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