Phil Woola SMP Blog Amish Baskets – Home Decor and Use

Amish Baskets – Home Decor and Use

Amish Baskets

Amish Baskets – Home Decor and Use

The Amish Baskets are an American artisan group that live simple lives without modern technology. They work together to create items such as baskets that are durable and beautiful.

Amish Baskets & Beyond (PA)

Amish Baskets & Beyond is a family owned business. They sell hand woven Amish baskets in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. They also sell quilts, rugs and purses.

Their products are available online at their website. Amish Baskets & Beyond is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

They carry baskets in 70+ styles and several stain colors. The baskets have real leather handles and fabric liners.

Decorative Baskets and Storage

The Amish are very good at making baskets that look like heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations. They also know how to make them functional for everyday use.

Elevating Your Decor: The Beauty of Amish Baskets as Home Accents

Pie & Picnic Baskets
We offer a standard size square double pie basket, a large square double pie basket, and a single round double pie basket. The square double pie basket has two swinging carrier handles, a solid oak lid with knob and an inside tray to separate the pies.

Melon Baskets

We also have a wide assortment of melon baskets to choose from. They are entirely woven and come in three sizes; small, medium and large, with all five accent colors.

Corner Baskets

Our corner baskets are a great addition to any room and are one of our most popular items. They are perfect for storing small items and tucking away clutter. They also make an excellent gift for your friend or loved one!

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