Phil Woola SMP Blog A Kettlebell Workout For Stomach Strength

A Kettlebell Workout For Stomach Strength


If you’re looking to develop strong abs, a kettlebell workout for stomach is the best option. These exercises are not only great for targeting your core, but they also help improve your overall strength and balance.

Kettlebells are an excellent exercise tool for strengthening the core because they incorporate a vertical plank, says Joanna Castro, NASM-CPT coach at Body Space Fitness in New York City. These moves are a great alternative to traditional sit-ups, which only work your lower abs.

Kettlebell Ab Exercises for a Toned and Tight Midsection

Double Kettlebell Front Squat

To perform this exercise, grab a pair of kettlebells and hold them up to your shoulders. Keep your chest tall and core tight, then squat down and drive through your heels to come back up.

Anti-Rotation Pulldowns

This movement is an advanced version of the classic plank, where your body has to resist rotation as you drag a kettlebell from side to side, says Duncan. It also works your biceps and back/lat muscles, as well as your core.

Double Kettlebell Swings

The goal of this exercise is to strengthen your obliques and the stabilizer muscles in your low-back, which are often weak. It’s also a great way to build endurance as you complete each swing.

Farmer’s Carry

The farmer’s carry is another one of the most effective ways to build core strength and stability. It’s an excellent alternative to a regular carry, where you place the load on both sides of your body.

To do this exercise, bring the kettlebell into the front rack position and press it up overhead. Then walk forward, keeping your torso upright and squared forward as you do so. You’ll want to maintain this position for the duration of the set, which can be done for 15-40 yards (meters) per side.

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